The 4th of July

(Originally Penned July 4th, 2018)

Sitting here drinking my 3rd cup of coffee on the 4th of July, thinking about my place in the scheme of things. Looked at faceache and saw some good stuff and some ugly. Most of it explaining why a person celebrates today, or why you should celebrate it the way they do, or better yet, think and act like they do.  I did not go to the fireworks in Kennesaw last night, nor will I go to any tonight. I was a Forward Observer in the Artillery when I served in the Army. It’s okay to see them from very afar but having been up close and personal on the receiving end I still prefer to not stand next to the bangs, whistles and booms. It tends to make the ringing in my ears that never stops more loud and constant.

I saw a post from England calling us ungrateful colonists. A friend posted a video of an Islamic Sharia Law stoning of a woman. I saw a post about the percentage of Mexicans vs the rest of Central American Countries trying to cross the border. I saw one about the heat wave being the fault of Global Warming (insert Al Gore). I saw a post where a guy pushed a woman in a wheel chair for miles because her batteries died on her chair and she couldn’t push herself. People were running races, picnicking, riding horses, cooking and washing dishes.

I didn’t go to the parade to march in it in Marietta, I tend to not want to be seen most of the time, just acknowledged. I truly believe in having fun. But mostly at myself, life is to short and people leave us without warning or good-bye. I will spend today doing small things around the house with my wife. I will probably spend some time working on the websites for my Non-Profit Veteran Service Organizations, Vet-Fest and Visions Outreach. You can donate to PayPal to support these organizations! But mostly today I will remain focused on myself, my past actions, my experiences and how I can use them to be a better husband, father, neighbor, citizen and person.

As a Lutheran, I believe we are saved by our faith, and not our actions. Our faith however large or small is a GIFT from God. A Grace from God. I hope my faith guides my actions and not other’s opinions. When you think about all of the gifts that has been given to each one of us, it is hard for me to forget where I came from. It is a physical impossibility to get to where I am at from where I started. I had a lot of help from God and other people, because it IS impossible. Thanks for reading this.

I am still amazed that my dogs are happy to see me every time I come home. That I get the chance to take the garbage out to the curb instead of eating it. That I have bills to pay. And mostly that when I swipe my ID badge at work, the door opens to let a guy like me in to go to work. You are powerless over other people, places and things. Focus on what YOU can do, not someone else. Happy Fourth of July, Independence Day, and whatever else this day signifies to you. I tend to think about the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

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