Stick's, Staff's, Cane's and Cogach's

My latest batch

I started this hobby as a way to relax. I would take 15-20 up to the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in July and put them in the Cameron Tent. I would ask for donations to the Clan and usually get quite a bit. That has been the last 2 years. I will probably take some up to The Loch Norman Games in Charlotte this April as well.

If you see one you like, message me! Most have copper caps on the bottom. I can custom them up for you if you wish. I finish them with Spar Varnish, or several coats of Tung Oil. The prices depend on how much time and material I have in them.

New Stuff and Works in Progress

Here a few that are in progress in various states of work.

More at various places of work

Some of the above finished and ready to go

Message me and order yours today

I have a page on Facebook @sedenssticks. If you have a friend or relative you think might like or use one of my sticks it is a great time of year to get one as a gift. They can be personalized for height if its a cane, I can add copper or even a spike on the bottom.