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It’s a mad mad mad mad mad world… It seems like those blue-city-states are running out of other people’s money… and the hated top 10% are taking their money & heading out. One thing I know for certain is the Dems running said cities into the ground will blame everyone else but themselves for the shit show they’ve created & perpetuated.

Communists: taking everything but the blame, since 1918!

Quite true. And they are going to do their damned best with their hands out to get the rest of the country to pay for their vote buying schemes and FAILED economic policies.

Not so sure about the “white” part, or the “men” part, but property owners should be the only people voting… Husband and wife own real property jointly, one vote each. Voters should have some “skin in the game,” but to keep developers from running away with the vote – no matter how many properties you own in how many different states, you get one vote and your spouse gets one vote in national elections. …and you have to own the property as a single or joint tenancy owner with a spouse, not a member of a corporate board that’s a holding company. Yes, you can be involved in that kind of corporate ownership and investment, but it doesn’t give you the vote unless you can stake down the corners of a livable property and say “THIS IS MINE! NOT not a part of the corporate holding

I think you should have to pay for your vote. Put a better way, the only way you get to vote is if you are a taxpayer. If you get “earned income” then you don’t qualify because you only take from the government without any buy in. Not working? Sorry, welfare is another bribe payout. In College? Then you are not supporting the government, you have no say to what money gets spent. It would end the Democrat party. Get rid of the lobbyists as well. Make it so no law can be passed that wasn’t personally written by a member of congress, unlike we have now with K-Street writing every single piece of legislation. The last bill that was written by someone elected to Congress was in the early 90’s.

Also, every law passed applies to everyone. Kongress kritters, unions, rich, poor, no cut outs, no set asides, no exemptions or exceptions.

Where you see “failure” I see successfully planned and executed destruction.
Before you can declare something to be either a success or a failure you must first have determined, beyond reasonable doubt, the intent behind it. In this case I don’t believe, given the evidence of history, that you can determine the intent behind authoritarianism to be peace, prosperity and security (except for the security of the power of a few rulers). When their doctrines and policies produce mass destruction, and even mass death, everywhere and every time they’re put into practice, and they double down afterward, and they’ve kept it up for generations, and keep at it now, never giving an inch on their doctrines, one can only conclude that the destruction is intentional. Stagnation, degradation and destruction are features, goals, ideals, not some unpredicted, unforeseen or unimagined bugs. Of course there are those who have been fooled into believing that “central planning”, coercive redistrinution and an authoritarian cult-of-personality will produce happiness; “peace”, “safety” and “Unity” and all that claptrap, but in such a case of mass deception there must be a deceiver, or a whole army of deceivers, behind it. Another aspect of all this is the lack of adult influence, which Chris has mentioned many times. Part of what we’re seeing is a Lord of the Flies scenario, where the deceivers and their ranks-of-the-deceived are running rampant and no one is stepping in giving them the facts of life. We’ve been compromised, our principles no longer clear. The Republican Party for example only wants to share in the spoils of the authoritarian system. The best they have to offer is a different style of authoritarianism; a cult of personality which appeals to a different audience than the one the Dems appeal to. Pick one, pick the other; it makes no real difference in the end (but of course they have us believing that it will make a difference no matter how long it’s failed to make any difference). So who is to blame for the trajectory this country has been on for over 120 years, and is still on, even this very day; the tricksters, or we suckers or cowards who either embrace or tolerate their tricks? Enjoy your Trump stimulus checks. The suckers of the Dems got their Obama Phones and we suckers of Trump got our Trump checks. God help us all. The original settlers of this land, from the Old World, by the way, may have been predominantly white, but their pertinent feature was Protestantism. Race has absolutely nothing to do with that. That’s a history most of us never learned, and without that particular history one can never understand what’s going on today.

But if you cut off people on Social Security, you put a major dent in the Republicans, too…

The order of battle for deconstructing the national government/restoring the federal, would necessarily require voiding the Code of Federal Regulations prior to nullifying the lobbyists efforts. This would inflict pain or euphoria to everyone on right, left or center to varying degrees they would all see the value in doing so. The CFR is the permanent bureaurcracies okygen. This one action would defeat both groups and substantially decrease the need of most executive orders that are meant to override the CFR/Perm Bureaucratic Rule. Once federal administrative law (unconstitutional before the Pendleton Civil Service Act of 1883) is dealt this death blow, then congress is the sole originator of legislation again and the President actually controls the executive branch again. Whatever ills the 1883 act was meant to cure they pale in comparison to what has been wrought in its name since then. This would be the major part of a peaceful return to a future USA with the constitution as the supreme law of the land once again. The concerted extra-federal actions of the several states would be need to be curtailed dramatically or banned altogether by abolishing the three governors associations.
The left wants and needs a civil war similar to Russia 1917-1925 since they control the admin state and its MSM advertising arm along with some police/military. Clearly police/military leadership have been sporadically trending to the lefts pro gun confiscation camp since the 1930’s & 1960’s.

See Generals Petraeus, McInerny, and i believe even Flynn’s (he should still be released as he may have recently revised his stance on govt power over the individual) past statements on civilian ownership of weapons of “war”. They and some boys in blue would have no problem ordering order a future nationwide house to house search for “illegal” weapons.

Democrat plan is one stamp one vote.

You have a right to vote if you are:
An American citizen
You are over 18
You are paying taxes that year
You have served or are serving society as a soldier, sailor, guardsmen, or first responder
You get one vote and one vote only.
Any abuse of this right will result in the loss of that right and possible jail time. I think that convicted felons and democrats be disqualified by one of the above.

Apply the 14th Amendment properly. 30,000,000 or so mostly potential and actual Democrat voter base would be disenfranchised or outright exported or expelled back to their own nations that they are subject to the jurisdiction of. This is being mostly ignored for strategic reasons on both sided. I say expel DNC Chairman Tome Perez, after a due process fulfilling hearing, of course.
This is now a sort of quiet gorilla in the room now. Most Americans understand and agree on the principles involved. The enemy invaders and locals supporting them have worked hard to change the meaning of words and people’s understanding. So. Just ignore what I stated, for now.
I always comment locally. I don’t act as much as before. I am in a new local. I have leftists who would hate me if they knew what I have done. I still poke things for the better when I can free myself up. Act local. Act national. Act world. Be ready if you have to go into the game. You may not recognize it is the game if you are just acting normally. But major advantage is often gained in that war of ideas and minds by just stating your facts, analysis, opinions, jokes, understanding (and ridicule per Rules for Radicals and also good people), and what you believe and sometimes are emotional about.

DJT has taken Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” and flipped it, using those same principles against the Left. Ever notice how his 80s era book “The Art Of The Deal” is like an updated version of Sun Tzu’s “The Art Of War”? Hell … even the titles are alike. This is why the Left hates and despises him so much. They can’t stand taking their own Progressive medicine.

Personally, I think the Qualifications for Registering to Vote should be EXACTLY the same Standard as those that obtain for legally buying a Firearm. After all, what reasonable person (OK, that lets all Democrats out, right there) would want anyone so Disqualified in a Voting Booth anyway?

The difference between a good man and a bad one is the choice of cause. William James.

he original idea of tying the franchise to the ownership of real property was brilliant. It gave the vote to persons with a stable relationship to the state and county wherein they lived. No such relationship can be assumed about renters and persons similarly detached from their places of residence.
That having been said, in our era those who own no real property — for concision’s sake, let’s call them renters — are more likely to vote than property owners! Moreover, they’d raise a world-class stink were it to be suggested that they be denied the franchise. They’d certainly oppose such an amendment to the Constitution. So returning to the original design seems unlikely.

Again, the federal Constitution did NOT restrict the franchise to men or whites. Some state constitutions might have done so. Restrictions on owning property in many states also worked to restrict the franchise. And the federal Constitution does not (until the 14th Amendment) stop the states from doing so. I have long advocated that those who take payments (that are not compensation for goods or services rendered, nor an insurance payout) from the gov’t should have their franchise restricted for the duration of those payments, and for up to half that time after stopping receiving payments. Given our current state of affairs, it would deliver some jurisdictions into the hands of a small group of people. Which really wouldn’t be any different than now.

I’ve maintained for years now that those on welfare or various forms of “the dole” should not be allowed to vote. They may again vote when they get back on their feet. I don’t have a problem with temporary welfare, but this generational thing we have going needs to end. To start, no additional bennies for new births. Bennies are fixed the moment of enrollment. No more farming your daughters so grannie can keep it rollin’ in. I’m afraid the ONLY way to make a return to the Constitution is through revolution. Those in power won’t willingly relinquish it. We’d have to replace the entirety of Congress with patriots in order to roll back the administrative state. That seems unlikely to happen through the ballot box.

Just a bit of wondering out loud… Do the same groups who read Day By Day Cartoon look upon it the same today as the groups who read Common Sence did in yesteryear? Another thought; it’s not necessary to mention the honoring of Memorial Day to this crowd but the Feds corrupted its meaning when they declared May 30th no longer the day of solemn remembrance by making it a long Federal weekend to celebrate the beginning of summer. Now that the States removing Confederate statues will the Days of Remembrance to the Confederate fallen be next for elimination? In NH there are more and more like thinkers who are attempting to use the first three boxes before the need of the reset box

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