Eons Law’s(An Online Acquaintance)

Several people, including most recently Bruno, have asked me about Eon’s Laws. They’re sort of like Murphy’s Laws, and they are based on my personal experiences and observations over a lifetime. I’m not saying they are definitive, but I generally find them pretty accurate predictors of human nature.

I have also found that some of them step on peoples’ toes.

So, with that in mind, buckle your seatbelts. This ride could get bumpy.

Eon’s Laws
First Law
Human beings choose to follow a belief systems, religious, political, or otherwise, which sanctify the sort of actions they would do anyway. The belief system just lets them feel self-righteous about what they want to do to others.
Second Law
If someone repeatedly and constantly tells you that he wants to kill you, you owe him the courtesy of assuming he really means it and respond appropriately.
Third Law
Hunter S. Thompson once observed that “entire empires have been done in by vengeful freaks claiming a special relationship with God”. He forgot the even greater number of polities destroyed by even more vengeful freaks who believed that they, themselves, were God.
Fourth Law
When anyone in government uses the phrase “For The Greater Good”, a smart man or woman quietly slides out through the nearest back exit. With one hand on their wallet, and the other on their sidearm.
Fifth Law
Any social system that relies solely on the “better nature” of the rulers to protect the ruled from the rulers, isn’t worth having.
Sixth Law
Never assume a politician will act against what he perceives as his personal best interests. And never, ever assume that he is being truthful when he acts in a way contrary to his philosophy and track record. You will spend your life being surprised and disappointed.
Seventh Law
There are two kinds of people who censor. Those who don’t want to face the facts and those who don’t want anyone else to know what the facts really are. Both are dangerous, just in slightly different ways.
Eighth Law
“Race” is not destiny. Culture absolutely is. Religion and politics are just a part of culture. Culture is the “operating system” of a civilization. Like any OS, it’s a case of GIGO; Garbage In, Garbage Out.
Ninth Law
Just because something is stupid or illogical won’t stop people from believing in it. Especially if they think they can get something out of it, like money or power.
Tenth Law
On average, about one out of twenty people likes hurting other people just for its own sake. Also on average, about half of that five percent become professional criminals. The other half become professional politicians.

Eleventh Law
Anyone who demands “social justice” has no interest in either “society” or “justice”. All they really want is power they can use to abuse everyone they don’t like.
Twelfth Law
There is no racist worse than one who believes himself to be “tainted” by that which he despises.
Thirteenth Law
Remember the Engineer’s Creed; When the real-world data doesn’t agree with the theory, believe the data and come up with a new theory. This is true of anything, but is particularly applicable to science and politics.

Fourteenth Law;
The Berlin Wall Theory; Only tyrants need to build walls and employ armed thugs to keep their subjects from fleeing.
Fifteenth Law;
Politicians should never seek to grant government powers they wouldn’t want their political opponents to have. Because barring a one-party dictatorship, sooner or later those opponents will be in charge.
Sixteenth Law;
You can always spot a would-be tyrant, of any stripe. They consider themselves invaluable and everybody else expendable.
Seventeenth Law;
Ultimately, government is less about doing things for the people than it is about doing things to the people. Whether the people want government doing those “things” or not.

That’s all, folks. Feel free to comment, throw bricks at or garlands, etc., as you please.


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